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On November 10th, 2000 God blessed Charity Hill Baptist Church when he sent us Pastor Brian Cardwell. Pastor Brian was born in Wilkes County on June 4th, 1977 to Larry and Vicki Cardwell. He grew up at Calvary Baptist Church under the preaching of Pastor Fellman Cheek where he attended for 22 years. On February 18th, 1990 at the age of 13, God saved Pastor Brian on a Sunday night service at Calvary. Immediately, he became a worker in the church. God continued to use him and began dealing with his heart. On the 3rd Sunday in July 1991 he surrendered his call to preach at the age of 14. Pastor Brian dedicated his life to Christ as a young teenage boy. God opened many doors for him as he preached youth services throughout Wilkes and surrounding counties. During this time he also served for two years as youth pastor at Calvary before being led to Charity Hill.

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On April 24th, 1999 God united Pastor Brian in marriage to April Edwards. God has truly blessed their marriage and their home with two precious daughters. Charity Nicole was born on March 11th, 2003 and on April 4th, 2008 Faith Brianna was born.

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